Lingerie or undergarments, is a necessity of every women, whether it is for the fulfillment of basic and traditional needs or, the enticement of a luxurious and glamorous choice.

Our product range covers both the basics and the glamour, and which includes Brassiere, Briefs including Thongs, Bikinis, Hi-cut, French knickers, and Camisoles, Corsets/Bustiers, Suspenders, Boxers, as well as Crop tops and Chemises. We also produce Maternity Brassieres and Briefs, and also Plus size Fashion Bras and Briefs.

Embroidered brassiere sets is one of our major export, be it on microfibre, mesh, cotton, or any other fabrics. These are made mainly for private labels, both in our own designs, as well as customer's designs.

We are specialized in Moulded padded brassieres and T-shirt brassiere, which is today, a very popular and highly demanded items. These are made in both plain fabric, as well as lacy fabrics to fulfill the basic needs for some customers, while the authenticity for others who require more fashionable styles.

In addition, we have a range of seamless undergarments, which includes the basic bras, crop tops, camisoles, boxers, bikinis, boobtubes, and thongs. These garments requires special machineries and techniques and thus, is currently still quite limitedly supplied from the South East Asia.

Not forgetting the undergarments for Men's and Children, we have a broad range of products that meet the needs of these markets. For Men's, and to name a few, we have boxers, briefs, G-string and vests, and for boys and girls, there are the basic briefs, vest/briefs sets, bras sets.

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